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X Conference and IX School for Young Researchers dedicated to critical issues of physics, materials, technology and diagnostics of silicon, nanometer structures and silicon-based devices.

The Conference «Silicon-2014» is part of series of scientific meetings dedicated to silicon research.

Its history dates back to 1999, when the first silicon-devoted conference was held at MISIS.

Since 2000 this conference has been coupled with conducting School for Young Researchers.

Through the indicated time span such meetings have turned to be the primary forum, where academic scientists, university scholars and industry representatives from Russia and CIS countries report and discuss hot points on production of metallurgical and multi-crystalline silicon, materials for growing voluminous crystals and thin films of silicon and related stuff, as well as physics, technology and diagnostics of silicon, nanometer structures and silicon-based devices.

For School participants and students a course of subject-associated lectures will be delivered, so that future researchers could be acquainted with the most essential and paramount issues somehow linked with the production of silicon and Si-based modern devices.

The conference will welcome invited speakers, the leading scientists involved in silicon materials applications, as well as participants with oral and poster presentations.

At the conferences held in Irkutsk it is traditional to include into topical list the issues on production and purification of metallurgical silicon, production of solar battery material, other aspects of alternative power engineering using transformation of direct solar radiation into electric power.

Registration and abstract submission are available only via conference website or by e-mail

The abstract submission procedure will be notified in Second Announcement and Conference website


The official languages of Conference: Russian and English.