If you need Russian Federation entrance visa, please send before March 31, 2015, the scanned copies of the first and the second pages of your travel passport, which contains information on your full name and the date of your birth (the date of expiry of your passport must be later than January 1, 2016). Please send this file (jpg or pdf) by e-mail ( and indicate in the e-mail body:

    - your name and surname (like in your travel passport);

    - date of birth;

    - state (country) and the exact place of birth;

    - state of residence (country, region in the country);

    - sex;

    - citizenship;

    - your travel passport number and the date of its expiry;

    - your affiliation (the full name and full address of the organization);

    - your current position;

    - your office phone and fax numbers;

    -  the place (country, city) where you plan to apply for visa;

    -  the dates of the planned visit;

    -  the cities that you plan to visit in Russia;

    - your mailing address to which the invitation letter should be sent.