Novosibirsk, Russia, May, 30 – June, 4, 2011

International Conference
"Modern Problems of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics: Theory, Experiment and Applications", devoted to the 90th anniversary of professor Nikolai N. Yanenko

Мартынов Н.И.   Баймухаметов А.А.   Танирбергенов А.Г.  

Results of a numerical modeling of processes of formation of salt diapers in a temperature field

Reporter: Мартынов Н.И.

In Kazakhstan many problems of salt dome tectonic were put by the academic Zh. S. Erzhanov, and under his manual a number of problems by his schoolboys is resolved. Now researches of this direction are prolonging in Institute of mechanics and machine conducting science. Were designed and some numerical methods are justified permitting, which correct to track changes of aircraft attitude of interface of layers down to formation of salt lenticels. The numerical modeling has allowed revealing of regularity and feature of process of formation salt dome structure of frames, to conduct a detail quantification. In article [1] is summarized of these perennial researches.
In article [2] the capability of existence of small-scale thermal convection in the upper horizons of earth crust is fixed, which one renders essential influencing on distribution and formation of salt diapers fold in sedimentary a jacket.
In the present research the results of a numerical modeling is tight - is deformed condition sedimentary of a complex and under salt couch, and also processes of formation oil-gas of traps are discussed.
Well-known, that the value of a geothermal gradient is one of main parameters and tags of generating of mineral resources. When the temperature to rise on speed chemical changes rise twice in mediums, favorable for allocation of hydrocarbon compounds, including oil. The calculations have shown, that distribution of isotherms and distribution of zones of heightened compass adjusters of shearing stresses quantitatively is confirm, then hydrocarbon the reserves are bound to areas with heightened temperature gradients.
The thermal gradients render essential influencing on formation under salt couch, hardly deforming under salt couch space. In under salt couch vast areas are watched, in which one the compass adjusters of shearing stresses are heightened also large enough on an absolute value. In the lower central part of a cupola at the expense of dynamic pressure and high temperature the considerable suction under salt couch implements. Therefore, if in under salt couch there are large reserves of hydrocarbon, they owing to a dilatation will migrate in a central part under salt couch space. The quantitative assessment of these volumes allows defining probable reserves of hydrocarbon.

The literature
1. Martynov N.I., Tanirbergenov A.G. A numerical modeling of conditions of formation солянокупольных of frames in earth crust // The Mathematical journal, 2006, v.6, №1 (191), p. 67-73.
2. Martynov N.I., Tanirbergenov A.G. Influencing of temperature gradients on formation of salt diapirs fold // Transactionses International conference « Mechanics and building of transport facilities », dedicated 75-years аcad. Aytaliev Sh. М., 2010, p. 273-276.

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