Grebenev V.N.  

Self-similar formation of the thermodynamical spectrum in Lieth model of turbulence

The appearence of a thermodynamic part of the energy spectrum of turbulence for large wave numbers was established numerically in the paper [1]. In the frame of the Lieth model of turbulence [2] this result it is proven analytically with the construction of a self-similar ansatz. Moreover, we investigate the phenomenon  of ”secondary dissipation” spectrum depletion under the transition to the thermalised range of spectrum.

1. S.V. Nazarenko, V.N.Grebenev, with S.V. Nazarenko, Self-similar formation of the Kolmogorov spectrum in the Leith model of turbulence. Phys. A: Math. Theor. Vol. 50(3), (2017)

 2. С. Leith, Diffusion approximation to inertial energy transfer in isotropic turbulence Phys. Fluids 10 1409 (1967)

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