Beshentchev A.   Тулохонов А.К.   Бычков И.В.   Ружников Г.М.   Batuev A.  

Bank of retrospective map datafor interdisciplinary studies of the dynamics geographical environment the Baikal region

Reporter: Beshentchev A.

The results of analyzing the suitability of retrospective topographic maps for monitoring the dynamics of the geographical environment and justify their high value in interdisciplinary studies of long-term natural and socio-economic processes. The technique of creating geographic information resources on the basis of these maps. Created bank of retrospective cartographic data such as information and technological base of interdisciplinary geographic research in the Baikal region.

Abstracts file: Бешенцев_тезисы.doc
Full text file: Бешенцев_доклад.doc

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