Dear participants,

Considering the still high medical risks and and expected travel and arrangement complications, the Organizing Committee of the School-Conference decided to hold the event in a hybrid format. If you have the will and opportunity to come to Novosibirsk and present your report to an audience, we will be glad to host you at the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis. However, if you are not ready to take such a trip, you can participate in the conference online using Zoom. The School-Conference will be broadcast in Zoom throughout the whole event. The Organizing Committee will try to do its best to compile the Scientific Program in the most convenient way for all participants.

We hope very much for your understanding.
Wish you to stay safe and be well.


It is a pleasure to announce the 6th International School-Conference on Catalysis for Young Scientists «Catalyst Design: From Molecular to Industrial Level» to be held at Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (Novosibirsk, Russia) on May 16-19, 2021. This event continues the tradition established in Novosibirsk, Russia (2002), Altay, Russia (2005), Yekaterinburg, Russia (2009), Kazan, Russia (2015) and Moscow, Russia (2018).

The School-Conference is directed to young researchers, Ph.D. students and undergraduates involved in catalysis research. This event will provide the students with approaches for acquiring a strong background on the fundamentals of catalysis. The lectures of leading scientists will be focused on recent advances in the basics of preparation and characterization of new catalysts, modelling catalytic systems and catalytic processes. The role of catalysis in processing renewable sources, fine organic synthesis, petroleum and electrochemistry, environmental protection will be considered during the conference. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss their own research with leading experts in various fields of catalysis.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the School-Conference!

Organizing Committee


03.03.2021LIST OF ACCEPTED PRESENTATIONS is published on the Conference website in the "Scientific Program" section.

10.02.2021 The School-Conference will be held in a hybrid in-person/online format.