Akademgorodok is located in about a half-hour drive from the center of Novosibirsk. Back in the Soviet days it used to be a secret research stronghold of Siberia.
Nowadays it’s still one of the most important scientific centers in Russia.
Officially it is called Novosibirsk Scientific Center, but people call it simply Academy Town (Akademgorodok). Much more quiet streets and mostly modest houses in the dwelling area, numerous buildings of scientific institutes, lots of green and people you can find nowhere else - these are the main features of this place.


Akademgorodok is a very compact place you can walk through in half an hour. It is quite pleasant in the summer - just walk along the streets and courtyards watching trees in bloom and squirrels jumping from one branch to another or sit in one of the street cafes. The beauty of this place is the combination of wild nature, Soviet architecture and the mysterious scientific past and present.
Akademgorodok is situated on the shore of an artificial Ob sea and has a total of 15 kilometers of sandy beaches, of which the most part are wild. Another favorite place for recreation is Botanical garden with picturesque alleys and gardens.


Central Siberian Botanical Garden of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the largest botanical institution in the Asian part of Russia. It was founded in the West Siberian Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences on academician V. L. Komarov's initiative in 1946.
A number of collections and experimental plots have been created to date and new ones are being created within the Garden. These include an arboretum consisting of 400 species, 166 forms and hybrids, a medicinal, spicy and aromatic plant garden (350 species), collections of forage plants (270 species), rare and endangered plants (more than 100 species), ornamental plants (428 species) and food plants (144 species). There is also an extensive tropical collection held in the glasshouses consisting of 3000 species of tropical and subtropical plants. Experimental plots "Stony garden", "Garden of continuous flowering" and "Bonsai"are significant for this region. There are two herbaria with 550,000 specimens, a seed collection (1220 species) and a big collection of lichens and fungi.


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Central Siberian Botanical Garden
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Novosibirsk, 630090 Russia
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