Odorova T.L.  

Booktrade activities of the consumer cooperatives in Buryatia in the 30-ies of the twentieth century

In the 1930-ies in the Republic there were different channels at the same time supplying the population with literature. Together with the state book trade an essential guide book to the village was the consumer cooperatives. The basic directions of development of cooperative trade of the  country identified in the Government, party and corporate documents of the 1930 's. One of the most important decisions was the transfer of State trade in maintaining consumer cooperatives. As a result, in the BMASSR district public trade agencies network "Burkniga" completely passed to the Buryat-Mongolian Cooperative Union in late 1939. Furthermore, bookselling network "Burkoopsouza" included the book shelves in shops of rural consumer societies and the stores trade in goods mixed cultural range that appeared in 1934. The Wholesale sales of publications in 1934, the wholesale and industrial associations and District Co-operative database was 112 thousand rub.
Special attention in the 1930-ies on sale books in the Buryat language. The distribution of literature in the Buryat language on the territory of the Republic was uneven; consumer cooperation held the policy of minimum purchase and implementation of a national title. Receipts of the literature mainly settled in the district Center, before reaching the grass-roots network. In 1936 the volume of purchases of the books puts it at 105.8 thousand copies (49 titles) for a total of 80.7 thousand rub., the implementation was incomplete and amounted to 61.2 thousand rub.
Essential for the revitalization of the work of the Buryat Republic's Sovnarkom Decree had a book 1937 "The trade book in the Buryat-Mongolian language", which drew attention to the need to study consumer demand, the integration of socio-demographic factors, training, development of promotional activities, etc. In the 1930-ies largely rose status of cooperative book trade has expanded its network of Buryatia, distribution, customer service culture book was improved in the rural areas of the Republic.

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