Maslakova M.V.  

The use of web analytics in the analysis of the library sites

Advanced technologies became the irreplaceable assistant for any field of activity of people. It is necessary to apply teoretiko-methodological fundamentals of web analytics to improvement of quality of the library sites. Procedure of the analysis and an assessment of quality of Internet resources is the resource-intensive task reducing subjectivity degree in the course of an assessment of quality of websites. The solution of these tasks by means of web analytics will allow to position websites of libraries as information resource.
D. B. Sugak defines web analytics as "measurement, collecting, the analysis and an assessment of Internet and data with the purpose of understanding and optimization of use of the Internet". The basic purpose of web analytics consists in knowledge acquisition thanks to which it is possible to make decisions on change of the work in the online environment to the best. For achievement of a goal the web analytics defined the following tasks: work with attendance of the website, attendance monitoring; definition of audience of the website; after definition of audience, information requirements in the time spent for the site come to light.
Having defined the purposes of the analysis of the site, having revealed key indicators of efficiency (Key Performance Indicators – KPI) it is necessary to define what techniques and means will be suitable for implementation of the analysis. Marko Hasler allocates such methods and funds of the web analysis: installation of counters; analysis of files of the magazine; multiple and Split testing; online polls and reviews; personal interview, supervision over the user.
Today for implementation of the analysis of the sites the set of systems, for example, by Yandex a metrics, Google Analytics, Urchin Software, Ad Watcher, Snoobi, Click Tale, etc. is created.
Treat the main objectives of the library site: expeditious informing; ensuring access to information; advertizing and development of information products and services; creation and improvement of electronic information resources.
The purpose of the analysis of the site of library to become – studying of results of activity of library in work on the site, for obtaining quantitative and qualitative characteristics. For the analysis of the library site the methods and systems of web analytics capable to capture all specifics of its work (counters and the analysis of the logi-server can be used; personal interviewing; Split testing; analysis of log files and so forth).
Thus, methods of web analytics are the professional tool of the library and information worker, and in general, the web analytics promotes increase of prestige not only the library site, but also the library.

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