Egorov, Evgeniy

Junior Research Scientist

Ботанический сад УрО РАН
Russia, 620144, Ekaterinburg, ул. 8 Марта, 202
Phone: (343)322-56-29, Fax: (343)210-38-59

Reports list

  1. Egorov E.*
    Allozyme polymorphism and differentiation of Scots pine populations in the middle Siberia and Trans-Baikalia
    *Ботанический сад УрО РАН (Ekaterinburg), Russia
  2. Sannikova N.*, Egorov E.*
    Hypothesis of genetic integration of Pinus sylvestris L. populations in Ob valley as a result of its hydrochory
    *Ботанический сад УрО РАН (Ekaterinburg), Russia
  3. Sannikov S.*, Egorov E.*
    Revelation and estimation of investition of pleistocene refugia system in genofund of Pinus sylvestris L.
    *Ботанический сад УрО РАН (Ekaterinburg), Russia

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