Scientific program

The conference will be held with five sections:

1. Computer Programs, Databases and Expert Systems Applications in Agriculture.
Section chairs: Alt V.V. - RAAS Corresponding Member, Yakushev V.P. – RAAS Member, Fedorenko V.F. - RAAS Corresponding Member.
Secretary: Gurova T.S. - Candidate of Agricultural Sciences.

2. Measuring Systems, Devices and Perspective Instrumental Methods of Research in Biology And Agriculture.
Section chairs: Aleynikov A.F. - Prof., Gubarev V.V. - Prof.
Secretary: Seroklinov G.V. - Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Shuvalov G.V. - Candidate of Engineering Sciences.

3. Information Technologies in Engineering and Technical Support for Agrarian-Industrial Complex.
Section chairs: Gorbachev I.V. – RAAS Corresponding Member, Blynsky Yu.N. - Prof., Byambadorzh Ch. - Prof.
Secretary: Shindelov A.V. - Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Olshevsky S.N. - Candidate of Engineering Sciences

4. Information Technologies and Distributed Databases for Monitoring of Territories Resource Potential.
Section chairs: Shokin Y.I. – RAS Member, Bychkov I.V. – RAS Member, Seredovich V.A. - Prof.
Secretary: Molorodov Yu.I. - Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Sciences, Dubrovsky A.V. - Candidate of Engineering Sciences.

5. Information Support of Innovation Process in Agrarian-Industrial Complex.
Section chairs: Novoselov Yu.A. - RAAS Corresponding Member, Ivashchenko G.V. - Ministry of Agriculture of Novosibirsk region.
Secretary: Stenkina M.V. - Candidate of Economic Sciences.


1. The Problems of Creation and Operation of Information Resources.
Director: Fedotov A.M. – RAS Corresponding Member.

2. Monitoring and Planning of Activity of Agricultural Companies. The Development Projections of Agrarian-Industrial Complex.
Director: Novoselov Y. - RAAS Corresponding Member.

School-seminar of young scientists:

Director - Gubarev V.V. - Prof.

Exhibitions:1. Apparatus exhibition
Responsible person - Yolkin O.V.
2. Computer demonstrations
Responsible person - Bobrova T.N.
3. Books presentations
Responsible person - Arkhipova T.A.