Международная конференция «Математические и информационные технологии, MIT-2016»

28 августа – 5 сентября 2016 г.

Врнячка Баня, Сербия - Будва, Черногория

Valjarevic A.   Radovanovic D.   Джекич Т.   Тасейко О.   Milosevic H.  

GIS analysis of health objects and public transport in the city Belgrade

Докладчик: Valjarevic A.

In this paper, we tried to explain for the first time geospatial distribution of health facilities in the city Belgrade. Belgrade is the capital city of the Republic Serbia and the second city in Balkan Peninsula with a total number of citizens 1576124 according to the data from the last census. But, a total number of populations in the urban gravitational area. We also compare health facilities with public: (buses, cars, train, tramway,and with free internet connection). With special kriging method used by GIS and geoinformatics calculation in Google and  Javascript code , we derived for the first time interactive Belgrade health objects map. This map we tried to use for users for better recognition and views of health objects.

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