International Conference «Mathematical and Information Technologies, MIT-2016»

28 August – 5 September 2016

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia – Budva, Montenegro

Scientific program

The main scientific direction of the Conference is “Mathematical modeling and combining information technologies”. The direction is dedicated to the discussion of recent developments and applications of numerical methods applied to practice problems. Also some combined information problems like data processing is discussed. The areas of interested topics vary from the mathematical, computational and information methods to the modeling and simulation of challenging applications. The main interested topics includes but not limited to:


  • Information and computing technologies
  •  Finite differences and finite volume methods
  •  Finite elements methods
  • Particle methods
  • High order computational methods
  • Computational fluid mechanics
  • Computational solid and structural mechanics
  • Computational damage and fracture mechanics
  • Computational engineering sciences and physics
  • Modeling and analysis of composite materials
  • Mathematical models and forecasting techniques
  • Information security and information protection
  • Processing, analysis and storage of information


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