International Conference «Mathematical and Information Technologies, MIT-2016»

28 August – 5 September 2016

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia – Budva, Montenegro

Zimin A.   Захаров Ю.Н.  

Numerical simulation of surface waves arising from underwater landslide movement

Reporter: Zimin A.

The underwater landslide can generate sufficiently large surface waves. If it happens near the coastline, the splash of the waves can lead to the destruction of buildings located on the shore.
The main aim of this paper is to construct a model of simultaneous movement of the landslide, internal currents and surface waves that can come ashore. The movement of the landslide, liquid and surface waves is described by the Navier–Stokes equations with variable density and viscosity and the convection-diffusion equations. Special ratios are used to calculate the density and the viscosity of the medium.
The results of test calculations for two- and three-dimensional problems of the wave generation and run-up ashore are presented.

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