International Conference «Mathematical and Information Technologies, MIT-2016»

28 August – 5 September 2016

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia – Budva, Montenegro

Zhainakov A.   Sultangazieva R.T.   Medralieva B.N.  

Сomputational modeling of metal vapour influence on the electric arc welding

Reporter: Zhainakov A.

The mathematical model, which takes into account the effects of the Fe vapour in the arc welding of stainless steel workpieces in closed volume are proposed. The physical phenomena in arc plasma and molten pool are considered in one unified MHD model. Governing equation consists of the mass continuity, momentum, energy, current and metal vapour conservation. Plasma properties are dependent from temperature and concentration of iron vapor. A viscosity approximation is used to express the diffusion coefficient in terms of the viscosities of the ambient gas and the metal vapour. The system is solved in the variables vorticity-stream function for five variables: stream function, vortisity, current function, enthalpy and metal vapour concentration. Calculations were made for design of real torch, for various welding currents (I=150A, 200A)  for argon welding gases. Electric arc penetrating power with and without consideration of the iron vapour have been numerically investigated.

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