International Conference «Mathematical and Information Technologies, MIT-2016»

28 August – 5 September 2016

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia – Budva, Montenegro

Pavicevic Z.  

On P-sequences of analytic functions and their applications

Problems in Theory of boundary properties of functions occupy one of the central places in theory of functions and theory of cluster sets. zauzimaju jedna od centralnih mjesta u teoriji funkcija i teoriji graničnih skupova. They find application in  theory of functions of a real variable, theory of functions of a complex variable, potential theory, Fourier analysis, functional analysis, measure theory, theory of dynamical systems, theory of fractals etc. 
In this paper we deal with local boundary properties of analyti functions. Here the analytic functions will include holomorphic functions and meromorphic functions of one complex variable. The domain of investigated functions is the open unit disk of the complex plane. Such a domain does not restrict the generality of obtained results, which is guaranteed by the Riemann theorem on conformal mappings from a domain onto the open unit disk.
This announcement consists of the following four parts:  P-series and the normality of  functions, Jordan curve and P-series,  Plesner and Mayer – type theorems and  Applications.

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