International Conference «Mathematical and Informational Technologies, MIT-2013»
(X Conference «Computational and Informational Technologies for Science,
Engineering and Education»)

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, September, 5–8, 2013

Budva, Montenegro, September, 9-14, 2013

Arkhipov, Dmitriy Grigorevich

Research Scientist, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics

Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics of SB RAS
Russia, 630090, Novosibirsk, Ac. Lavrentiev Ave, 1
Phone: +7(383) 330-70-50, Fax: +7(383) 330-84-80

Reports list

  1. Arkhipov D.G.*, Khabakhpashev G.A.*
    Numerical modeling of the form channel influence on a transformation of weakly nonlinear perturbations of an interface of two shallow liquids
    *Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics of SB RAS (Novosibirsk), Russia
  2. Arkhipov D.G.*, Vozhakov I.S.*, Tsvelodub O.Y.*
    Исследование линейной устойчивости кольцевого режима двухфазного течения
    *Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics of SB RAS (Novosibirsk), Russia

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