Гительзон И.И.  

To the Alexei A. Lyapunov`s memory

Not formal, but a huge, comprehensive, without exaggeration, pervasive, it was intellectual and ethical impact of Alexei A. on the whole atmosphere of the community of Akademgorodok at the crucial moment of its formation.
Invaluable his influence and example for the surrounding dense ring of youth.
To her the time and I am one.
The memory of the meetings and conversations at his home in the family circle refer to as the most precious memories of my distant youth.
At the present time, when the Academy of Sciences, and science in general aggressively rejected by the social environment, we can only rely on the intellectual potential. In fact, he only justifies the existence of our community.
As fond of saying, Valentin A. Koptyug - we do change our minds. I would add to their (social) benefits.
Here, the tradition of academic, academic, cultural and ethical living in the students and pupils of pupils of Alexei A. continue to play a great, informal role in the preservation and development of the Siberian Branch of the Academy.
I think that it would be appropriate in addition to the anniversary date, to initiate actions by the leadership of SB RAS, supporting the "cult of the traditions of Lyapunov" in our community.

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