1. Geodynamics, tectonics and plume magmatism.

2. Rocks of different geodynamic settings and mantle-crust processes in their formation. Association of mineralization with evolution of magmatism, metamorphism and metasomatism.

3. Geochemistry and minerogeny of ore-magmatic systems, geochemical prospecting methods. Modeling and GIS-technologies for studies and assessment of ore areas and deposits.

4. Geochemical studies of environmental and paleoclimatic changes. Biogeochemistry of natural processes.

5. Experimental and physical-chemical modeling of geochemical and technological processes.

6. Geochemistry of isotopes and geochronology applied to mantle-crust interaction of the substance and ore mineralization.

7. Un-to-date methods of analytical studies in geochemistry.

8. Science of physical materials.